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Paying tax may not be the best part of earning money but it is an inevitable one and if you aren’t familiar with the income tax system, a complicated one.  That’s why Lacey & Co. offer a service to complete tax returns for our Waterlooville customers, so you know the tasks have been completed by a knowledgeable and experienced professional.

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Our Services

  • Tax returns service
  • Personal tax returns completed
  • Capital gains tax returns
  • Land and property income
  • VAT returns

Personal tax returns

When you are self-employed or run your own business, you are required to complete personal tax returns every year.  This is called the Self-Assessment and can be completed online but you don’t have to do it personally – you can get an accountant to handle it for you.  Our service involves collecting the information required to complete the self-assessment and filling in the tax returns, so you have completed your legal requirements and know how much income tax you need to pay.

If you have a combination of employment income and self-employment income, we can also help with the tax returns, so you don’t pay too much tax on what you earn.

Other tax returns

Another type of tax is Capital Gains Tax – this is payable on any assets that you sell and make a profit on.  It is the amount of profit or ‘gain’ that you make that is taxable and that’s why it is often best to get an accountant to complete this for you.  The same applies to land and property income which has a proportionate amount of tax due on it.

Finally, we also offer VAT returns services where we can complete your VAT returns, including with the new Making Tax Digital system.  We offer a free quote for all of your needs and are happy to organise home or business visits to go through your requirements.

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"I struggled to find an accountant who was attentive to my needs and who would listen to me when I needed advice and guidance. Having worked with Fiona for the previous 2 years, I am delighted to say that my company has flourished and she has been like a breath of fresh air."

Simon Shaw



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